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Reviews for "Medieval Shark"

Addicting, crazy and quite possibly the most weirdest game I've played.. FANTASTIC!!!

Amazing, maybe a little bit laggy but nevermind.

One of the best of its kind!

Simply one of the most action-packed, explosive, violent, and utterly fun I've ever played. It's simple yet enjoyable, and there is never a dull moment through a play-through. Not only that, we get the job of having medals. This is always a plus!

No holes or anything that needs suggestion in this game. Simply perfect!

Keep up the good work.



i cannot wait for the next shark game

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for playing! Next one will be "Los Angeles Shark".

This game is brilliant. It's humorous (for the bloody mind), action packed and time wasting. Art style is lovely and funny. The sound was the feature that really made it fast paced though.

Only fault is that the ships medal is utterly impossible. The thing is that the shark must PHYSICALLY crush the ships (meaning that ships destroyed by chain reactions don't count), and with everything exploding and so tightly packed together, you're bound to make that mistake. Time limit doesn't make a difference. The most I can get is 145, but you need 175.