Reviews for "Weakheart"

This was awesome and specially since it was created in such a small amount of time. Fucking boss. Loved that techno remix of the song for the credits totally got to download that now haha

That was pretty dang funny. Very well animated and great voice acting its impressive that you made it in only two days.

Dude, this was made in only 48 hours?! It really shows how talented you guys are! I knew that someone with whom I was familiar with worked on the animation. BTW, can't wait for more Larry episodes! Anyway, this is great to watch because it's an interesting scenario being played out. It kind of makes you wonder who the third in command is?

The voices and accents were just perfect. Here's what I thought was going to happen. I thought that since his last words were "fuck" the other people were going to think that was a command. It still works out well with great animation and great angles. It's great we have jams like this.

The art and animation were impressive, especially that gorgeous background. The voice acting was also very impressive.

Unfortunately the writing felt a little dull and stale. If this had artwork that was a little worse you probably wouldn't get as many good marks as you are now.

I loved it! Really funny!! :D