Reviews for "Madness the Hell"

Well, it was worth the medal, I passed most of the enemies without fighting them, got all the weapons and defeated the final boss. Favorited, 5/5 & 10/10.

kind of too hard and too easy. too hard if you try to fight the monsters, and too easy once you realize you can simply bypass pretty much all of them. also there are some glitches and bad a.i. that walks into lava and kills itself. got to what i assume is the final boss even though i didnt beat it, and i know i just said its too easy but i dont feel like playing through again especially when that fight gets extremely laggy. anywho thanks for using my track i do appreciate it. and blow me to the guy who said the music couldn't be more annoying


You spell Tricky wrong.But ah well.This game still rocks :D

Fun old classic game ^^