Reviews for "Madness the Hell"

Boring, hard and poor quality sorry

wow cool game i wonder you were having a hard time creating this game

challenging for me at first but really smooth gameplay great job but there is a glitch where when u fall into the room with the 2 red devils with axes u can go to the left side ( don't know if it works on the right) and spam the buttons except the arrow keys and the devils walk slowly over to u and each time u hit them they fly back so i beat them with 1 heart without getting hit once. I say u should fix that. i have yet to find any other glitches other than that its just hard but really fun. great job on the game hope to see updates

Very good ideas, very simple, but sometimes confusing because of eratic movements. A few bugs, but a good game in general.

muy molestos los bugs que me pasaron varias veces