Reviews for "Rebooting the Madness 2"

do #3 plz i like this series (:

Wait that Red mask guy I know him I saw in a anoter movie when he got stab in the chest by those monsters thats why he is wearing those bangegs on him.

Nice Movie! i Wonder How's gonna continue? And Is there gonna be the End of the 2 Mutants?
And Is Owr guy gonna Reach and Probably Kill the Antagonist? Who's with some Glock (Whos Sounding Like XM-8) And a Machette. Oh! And What is Seaker Doing there?

5 starts Im a fan of you...and your epic and cool and awesome and awesome And epic song

I still waiting for the 3 part... P.S I love this animation you win my 5 starts :)