Reviews for "Rebooting the Madness 2"

Fuckin epic, love the beginning track to, gotta love how the "born with revolvers" guy goes back to the facility after the explosion to. only problem though, the second soundtrack could be a bit better or even replaced, i feel it just keeps relooping and it doesn't really have any cool beats towards it.

Anyone have the soundtracks? especially the second

Alpha-Nuva responds:

soundtracks for this were never released.

that blue guy hes cool when hes have that shotgun gave yoy 5 stars

am i the only one who saw there is a door with nipplecock written on it sign

Loved both 1 & 2 and the guy with guns for hands inspired me to do drawing based of him. By the wayS070, If you had not noticed, Alpha-Nuva animated Paradigmadness. BTW Alpha-Nuva I love your animations.