Reviews for "My Pairs and Me"

I think there could have been so much more to this! For example, I find it tedious to only zap one block at a time...and with no way to track my progress as a tribe! But still, reminds me of simAnt...which was awesome.

pre-game: I do like the sound of it just from reading the summary! I will start with 5 stars...hopefully you can keep it that way...

these pysics or how ever you spell it are awful i mean gravity is not affected here! not much of a sandbox either all you can do is destroy blocks. the graphics are also very bad next time try going for pixel like movement and stuff like that

This game is missing a large amount of intuitive factors that makes a flash game appealing. I don't want to read a freakin' manual on a different website to know how to play your game.

Took me a while to work out what was going on xD But hey, it's not a bad idea. Perhaps give the player more stuff to do and it'll be a good little gadget :P Love the way they evolve depending on what you do (Destroying land to trap the villagers makes them gro tall and sprout 'wings'. Villagers that hang out in water become fishermen etc... I... think...? XD)