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Reviews for "Hexagon"

Awesome! You can clearly see a difference between this and Super Hexagon:) The only 2 annoying things were the small lags and the fact, that you could not hit the walls\sides of the hexagons and that made the game very hard for me, because I was used to doing that in Super Hexagon.
Anyways, great "demo" of Super Hexagon! You make great demos of your games, you allow players to experience a big part of the original game, unlike many other game developers. Good job, Terry! ;)

Playing this older version shows just how important the smallest of changes can be to vastly improve the quality of life of a game.

Case in point? Collision detection in this version. In Super Hexagon, you can move against walls to the side of you without issue, but here you don't have that luxury. You touch a wall from any angle, you lose.

And after getting used to Super Hexagon, this is borderline unplayable for me without that one little difference.

we've came a long way

Made it to hexagon bitchesss!!!!!!!!

took me like 75565468748 times to beat line AND I FINALLY DID YES