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Reviews for "Hexagon"

its super hexagon not hexagon its okay u can edit and change the name

this game is great i play it on iphone too and this is much harder then flappy bird

finally got hexagon after more than 20 tries, (maybe even 50,) and now i think about six hexagons in the shape of a hexagon, this game is great in terms of difficulty, hard enough to be a challenge, but not enough to make a player rage, now to go see the what this "real version" the guy who should be right below this one is talking about

Not as much fun as the real version! but this is a good demo

After not having played this for about half a year, I decided to pick this game up again. After some time, I destroyed my old high score of 81.64 with 142.29. I got in the flow and nothing could hit me. For two minutes.
This game is amazing. It has tight controls, great music, tripping visuals and a ton of bars that are thrown at you. The only downside I can think of is that there aren't any levels/gets repetitive after about a minute, and that was fixed in Super Hexagon. 5/5, nothing else.