Reviews for "Decision 2"

I was a big fan of your first one, but this one has several problems. When zombies die, they seem to get bigger or something, you may have forgotten to shrink the graphic or something. Whats odd is that this is not consistant, different zombies die at different sizes.
The movement is horrendous. It does not stop when i let go of the arrow buttons, and it does not let me shoot until I stop moving, which has repeatedly left me in the middle of a swarm of zombies. It may be better to code it so that he stops walking exactly when you let go... unless there is something wrong with my computer controls. just an idea if that is the case.
Good job on the graphics overall though, and the shooting is pretty accurate.

this game is awsome!

Fun game, I enjoyed the leveling system

Absolutely mind-boggling. By far the best "flash game" on newgrounds. Highly reccomend it considering it feels like a game you should have to play to pay. Yeah, that good. Fun to explore, lots of weapons and feels good when you reach 100% 100% ( about 15hrs+), survival mode is bomb as well. Only bugs I noticed were with the barret and stability active the crosshair sometimes glitches out hardcore or is invisible? Other than that, amazing! I look forward to a possible expansion...

I like Decision 2 as much as i like Decision one , too bad that the storyline of decision one is more better then this one since no dialog at all. but many new stuff i like in the game , and thrilling defence after you capture some of the city of defending.

1. Get a Shotgun - Seriously get a shotgun (splatter everysingle corpse get more money)
2. Barrel BARREL SHOOT THEM ALL,they said pewdiepie hate barrel (destroying barrel will get you money
3. box .... ( destroy it)
4.ATM machine (hack it then shoot it for permanent removal so the bank agency can't fix the machine ,more money for hacking and destroying it)
5.watchout for the zombeh that shoot (Seriously they are shooting)
6.Watch in every city there is hiding spot
7.prepare a lot of time cause , it is very addictive
8. read all my tips , and you will keep reading probabbly
9. or not , end.

Have Fun Guys :P