Reviews for "Decision 2"

Great game only problems or things you can improve on; Lag(for some reason this game just lags when its played on my system. I have a great system but i get a random lag that makes the game unplayable. Sometimes I have to reload the page only to have it happen again.) Upgrades. I know you have a lot but in a zombie game you can never have enough. Melee weapons would be a huge plus, maybe even a chainsaw:P. Very great game overall I had to restart because of people deleting the history but I DONT MIND THIS GAME IS GOOOOOD!!!! 4.5/5

very awsome game truly someone for my critic taste im gonna make a sereies out of this for yt :D 5.5 you earned it fly anvil

Wonderful game, keep on releasing more and more chapters! I wouldn't know how to object, save for the fact it's too short, but hey, this means I'm eager to play the next chapter!

Addictive but gets repetitive towards the end.

ok soulremnant not trying to be rude but you are wrong. the zombies don't get bigger, you have a over head view so when the zombies are alive they are STANDING UP so you only see the tops of their heads and shoulders when they DIE they FALL DOWN so you just see the rest of the body they don't get any bigger, just thought i would clarify that. oh and also i can run and shoot just fine, i am a hardcore gamer and the controls are simple and effective. for a flash game the graphics and animations are pretty impressive, as is the sound, things as simple as the bullet ricochet sounding different when you shoot a barrel, or a box, is pretty detailed for a flash game. the weapons upgrade system is an awesome feature as well, and the fact you can notice the upgrades is even better. speaking of weapons, each gun has a unique feel and style, and each one has it's uses for different enemies. all in all i think this flash deserves 5 stars it is straightforward fun and keeps you hooked for hours, great job