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Reviews for "EvoluTone"

Why in the HELL do you people keep on making games in 48 hours or less?! Its not a godamn contest on who can make a game the fastest! If you have a good creative idea take your damn time and stop rushing! A good game isn't made in 48 hours and THAT sir is why this game sux cheese balls...

bumblebirds responds:

The only effective way to get good at game design is to design games, the more games you can design the better. These 48 hour competitions are basically just the game designer equivalent of an artists practice sketches.

Most game designs that might seem like great fun in your head will actually turn out to be really pretty terrible when you put them together, more often than not they're full of unexpected problems. Knowing that only maybe 1 in 15 ideas is going to be any good at all, it would be a mistake take our time over every silly little idea.

Hope this helps you understand!