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Reviews for "Zombudoy"


There's a big-time problem on Level 4. The B2 bomber doesn't kill all of the zombies, and the screen is obscured so you can't even aim. I can't even get past it.

eanjo7 responds:

try to low your quality, and increase your gamespeed in option. this happens when computer is slow.

You should have at the very least credited Plants vs Zombies as the main inspiration. Although this is more of a knockoff than an homage.

I see other reviewers telling game creators that their games lack creativity and depth yet this designer gets a free pass even though this is a blatant plants vs zombies knock off. This game is well made and I like what is added to it but the maker of this game could have come up with something that was a little more original. IF I WANTED TO PLAY PLANTS VS ZOMBIES THEN I WOULD PLAY PLANTS VS ZOMBIES, nothing personal.