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Reviews for "Zombudoy"

looks oddly familiar but i rather enjoyed it

The game does become quite a bit repetetive after a point. 40 lvls is a bit punishing. For the most part I like it though. You have to work a bit for the good weapons, which to me is good cause I'm not to fond of just being handed most of my guns.

The Hulk zombie is a bit unfair, you almost never bring the correct rifle to shoot him and he moves entirely to fast and takes to much damage to go down in a fair amount of time. If he were at least affected by the fire bombs it'd even out a bit.

Also, I can't seem to go past lvl 30, the game crashes.

eanjo7 responds:

thanks for your feedback, the level 30 is FIXED now

the whole thing reminds very strong of plants vs. zombies design but nice though

4 stars here man!
kool game,
keep it comin'!

Jepp, I like this kind of games. But it should be visible in the level select menu, which level already been played. I think, thats missing...

eanjo7 responds:

thanks, I do that so player can see and select a level they like, anyway. I put a lock on each level which doesnt yet unlock :D