Reviews for "Epexsus Episode 1"

half life sounds ftw

I don't know a ton about animation, but i have thought about attempting it a lot. Maybe it was just the page of comments i saw but i thought it was sad that you put so much effort into this to have so many "could be better"s. What's wrong if it's like an anime? I love anime. Yes a lot of the characters look a like but that's just what your skill level is at right now. I enjoy work that is not polished.
My skill level is a lot like yours, I have great stories in mind but my depiction of them is not the best, therefor i do not even try to animate them or draw them out. I like that you have worked past the fact tthat maybe your skills are not what you would want them to be in order to produce this. The story is more important to me than the art and you're doing a great job on both. Your "eye" beasts are fantastic and fit perfectly. The voice acting was funny and had memorable quotes ("Suuuure, sure you are"). and it was so long! Thank you. :)

The menu music is awesome!Best animation i seen.

this is awesome it looks like an anime

i say only :WOW

and The internet is the new TV :D