Reviews for "Epexsus Episode 1"

This is so f*cking awesome!!!
The soundtrack is awesome(especially at the credits)
The drawings were awesome.
The animation could be better but im happy with it already.
The amount of epicness in this flash makes me feel like im watching a badass anime,(oh what am i saying this IS a badass anime[except its not anime{i think}])
The story is well told.
Voice acting is simply gorgeous, you guys made an awesome work.
It has been a while since i saw an interesting flash, i Thank you for making an interesting flash.
Damn...i love this flash so much that me and the flash are probably getting married.

Thank you.

is seems very avatar: last air bender to me. its good and interesting. keep it up and ill keep watching.

very good story,simplistic yet effectic humor,and good theme song

but you could work on the animation a bit and make it the actions/conversations more "fluid"

First, I have to say that I love the music, the main theme does a great job of setting the mood. If it's original, whoever composed it knew what they were doing. Animation is mostly lackluster, though some parts are easily well done. That isn't really a big part of my review score. As long as it's pretty to look at, and the flaws don't distract me too much, you don't suffer. The echo and background noise during voice-overs in the audio are just noticeable most of the time. I noticed it right away because I had the volume turned up at 100%. Again, not a big deal. The voice acting is on par, and the emotions being conveyed are believable. The humor used is simple and predictable, but is well-delivered and effective. Years are just numbers, but clearly a lot of thought was put into this.

Mokota's backstory is a bit old school. Kid grows up in a society that raises its hunters and soldiers from a young age, and he loses a parent or both parents when he's much younger, and he has a deadly premonition that manifests in the future, either as predicted or as a result of his premonition. Don't get me wrong, it could work, it's just cliche.

I want to mention that there's a glitch in the dialogue structure between Mokota and the survivor, when he says "hey!" and then, "you gotta go." The seemingly inattentive vibe Mokota gives off as he stares into the burning village goes unaddressed. There's a pause that feels like a gap that needs to be bridged. I imagine the survivor saying, "listen, you gotta go," or "stop gawking, you gotta go." It feels like something's missing. It's easily ignored, and I'm pointing it out not because I'm demanding you to change it, but because I want to help you get better. I can't speak with experience on animation, but I know a thing or two about plot structure and dialogue.

Bottom line: lot of room for improvement here presentation-wise. To use a metaphor, I can smell something in the kitchen. It smells good, but it's stifled. I'm not getting enough, in a bad way. You gotta open up that oven door.

One more thing: you'd think that in a post-apocalyptic(or pseudo-post-apocalyptic?) setting in which adolescents take on important and mature roles, they'd be more exposed to the more deeply mature elements of human society. So far the only thing I can point out is obscene language, because there doesn't seem to be anything else in the way of mature themes going on around Mokota, which could quickly change as the series progresses, but that's all I got right now. That's just a personal gripe. What can I say, the gore at the beginning got me a little excited.

amzing, well done, nice story. i like almost every aspect of this flash the blood looks a bit lame but beond that miscule detail it was very emersive