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Reviews for "little boat"

I was watching this as I was listening to Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons and it fit surprisingly well (for a while...)

Here's for anyone willing to try: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gh_bTk yJV5s

Question: Can watching 4 minutes of a boat be entertaining, funny, and heartwarming.

Answer: Apparently, yes.

This is simply beautiful. The artwork in this is highly impressive from beginning to end, it truly is like watching a moving painting. The animation is quite superb on not only the little boat, but its environments.

The story is interesting, using no words and nothing but sound to show this little boat's journey which I found fascinating just seeing where this little boat would go next. There really is nothing else to say here. If this is just experimental I would love to see what a full project from you would be like. Overall this movie is absolutely wonderful.

|| Cheers ||
*Masterful Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Superb Sound
*Masterful Story

|| Jeers ||

Excellently done. Nice colours, interesting scenes, and smooth animation. I found watching the boat make its journey to be very relaxing. Overall, a well made film that deserves to be seen by all.


Man, you gotta love these full circle stories. love the world, the soldiers, the monkeys, everything 'bout this story is great. Fantastic work, man.