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Reviews for "little boat"

It's A great Animation But Just not my type of video

brilliant, i literally just sat in silence for about fifteen seconds after it was over, with chills, haha. i never knew i could feel so much emotion for a boat, good job sir, good job.

First i thought....wow....it's a boat....floating.....I could do better animation...but then...it's really amazing...
Great animations....really nice story... 5 stars worthy :D

Amazing. Great Visuals made me tear up when everyone put the boat together.
I have nothing bad to say :D

Ah wow I remember seeing this gem on the 3DS no?

Hahaha I got to say for such a ridiculously simple concept this short is just full of atmosphere from start to finish. The animation was also awesome as well and the detail was outstanding. I also like how it wasn't too dialogue heavy which is a nice break sometimes you know? And yeah the ending was really cute too

Great work man and congrats on getting your stuff featured on here!