Reviews for "Seedling"

This is an example in game design.
The unobtrusive inclusion of tutorial elements, and the pace in which puzzles and characters are introduced is perfect.
Even an advertisement to buy the music is part of the game.
My hat, it is taken off for you.

reminds me of legend of zelda for gameboy color. pretty addicting. fun game. like it a lot.

Instant classic. That is all.

Great game, i want more:D:D plus maybe a map

This game brings back SO much memories, but also, is a game i can relate to. My life has been all about me unknowingly doing everything wrong. I am still a Seedling in this salted earth. Other than that. The music was AMAZING, very well done, my favorite track being "Lava is Hot". The music in this game is what sticks out to me even more than the gameplay. While, the gameplay was spot on for me, the music really immersed me into this journey, 2 and a half hours passed while i was playing, without myself even knowing. I congratulate you on making an amazing and memorable game. not one that you could just finish in 1o minutes, but, a full scale game. By far a flash classic. I look foreward to more games that you make. - Carmelo