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Reviews for "Seedling"

I accidentally bought the soundtrack.

Its a good game, the controls are a little sensitive but you get used to it.

Whelp, I'm stuck, and I can't find a walk through anywhere. I'm at the point where I got the yellow key, and I killed the "light" boss. I ended up by the "DESTROYER OF WORLDS" guy after I stepped int the light beam and I can't figure out what to do next. I didn't seem to get anything from the boss, and my key doesn't want to work at the only yellow lock I can find. Someone send me a PM, lol?

Otherwise the game is pretty fun! I really didn't like the "stab in the dark" place, though. It was more annoying than anything else. Dying in the water all the time is annoying too. Might as well just make it a wall until it's available. Also, when the night comes the screen is very hard to see. The little light doesn't do much of anything either, so it was often a challenge just to get around. Lastly, for something this big a map is really needed. I had a hard time figuring the layout out in the beginning (which tends to turn off casual gamers anyway) and even after playing for a few hours I did a lot of wandering.

My main criticism is, don't use mechanics that rely on precision when the controls aren't precise. Also, make sure the player can see, lol.

YAAAAY got both endings!

Great game, had alot of fun, just the right amount of difficulty to keep me entertained!!

Music good, great locations, funny moments, awesome upgrades. Nothing bad to say really! Loved it!!

Hope you make number 2!

Underrated! Having a lot of fun with this! Great job! Make love to me!