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Reviews for "Seedling"

Awesome game, very nostalgic, I got the good and bad ending,
but I can´t still find the last SECRET MEDAL

Wonderful game. As others have said, it reminds me a lot of the Legend of Zelda. I really wish that all of the treasure chests were achievable when you first got to them. Or at the very least, the game provided a map, perhaps with the chests even marked for you as you found them. I really did not want to kill the watcher, and I could tell that the game would likely have more than one ending, but after spending an hour wandering paths I had already taken without finding any additional chests, I gave up and killed him just to see the credits.

Really fun game though. I absolutely loved the lava dungeon. I spent a good twenty minutes trying to get past the part with the melting zig-zag bridge and the chain flail. Fun fun fun. :)

An absolue masterpiece. Really impressed with this, especially with it's way of taking a simple game, and through the storytelling and designs built up it's own entire world within it. I've always been a fan of games that can do that.

I am a little confused, though. I'm certain I did everything; I beat all the bosses, got all the gold pieces, and acheived both endings, yet I'm missing a secret medal. What did I miss? It's the one between "Enchanments" and "Bloodless."

Playing this game brought me back to the old days, when I got the first Zelda games for the Gameboy. It is an excellent experience, even for those who don't have any nostalgia for the old Zelda games or other similar games. One dungeon stood out from the rest as being incredibly atmospheric and well-done, the one where you encounter the Lights and "Stab in the Dark" plays. Something about the grotesque-looking tiles and the huge voids surrounding the path made that dungeon seem almost nightmarish. It was incredibly enjoyable.

I encountered one minor bug in my playthrough (tiny spoiler up ahead):

When I tried to get to the chest in the lava dungeon at the end of the crumbling ground, I fell into the lava right as I got to the chest. The game got rid of the chest, but didn't register that I had opened it, leaving me permanently down a piece. I tried to go back to get it, but the chest had disappeared, so I couldn't complete the golden puzzle, which was a bit of a bummer.

Amazing, outstanding game. More than a little reminiscent of Link's Awakening, but that's fine because it's been too long since I played a game of the genre that was this well-executed.

Only downer was that medals don't seem to be working, but honestly, I'm over it. :)