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Reviews for "Seedling"

This game is so massive and amazing... ive wasted half my day playing it and I think im only a 1/5th done... impressive

the game and artwork is good but sometimes the songs is always the same and gets kinda boring but the game is good and so my rating is 5.5

I must say, this is a very nice game

I like the Legend Of Zelda feel of it it all
the pixel graphics are real good, very colorful, no complaints here
and the story is real engaging, and the world it self is really cool
and I like how all of the characters you talk to do have something important to say that actually has to do with what you're doing

although if I had to complain about something,
I would of liked for there to be a map at the beginning, it just feels really easy to get lost in in the game
also it gets a little annoying when the enemys keep coming back after you leave and come back to a room or die

other than that it's really fun game, and I recommend it to all fans of a good RPG

I accidentally bought the soundtrack.

reminds me of legend of zelda for gameboy color. pretty addicting. fun game. like it a lot.