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Reviews for "Seedling"

The only thing that annoyed me is the no pause key

i love the legend of zelda vibe from it however i know this sounds dumb but is there going to be a walkthrough for this bc im already stuck

ConnorUllmann responds:

There may be one in the future--I hadn't planned on one yet, but it would be a good idea!

Until then, feel free to PM me if you get too stuck :) I'd be happy to help you out!

this game is awesome and has a classic style

simonbee: instead of actually restarting just press no when it asks u if ur sure u want to quit. itll put you back at the beginning of th room with everything back in place if thats wat u mean

This game is amazing

I love the game, however there is 1 thing I noticed: the music that plays when you get something(found it!)sounds simmilar to the haven music from spiral knights.