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Reviews for "Zombie at the Gates"

well made and well thought out... way too easy if you bottleneck them at the fenses thou

I really liked the game but it had a few flaws. At times you got overwhelmed with zombies, to the point that you couldn't kill them. The weapons were under powered, and the zombies overcoroweded the "safe zones" sometimes to the point where you couldn't get past them to kill them. The cost of upgraded weapons was at a good pace for the amount of money you got.

If you upped the weapon strength a little, and allowed the zombies to roam more it would have been perfect.

wow. wow. where do i start great game, i'll just say the bad things and that it since this game is very good. the only 3 things i saw bad was if the zombies would spawned on u and u would instantly die. since zombies would all-ways spawn in front of u i had once where he spawned in the save area and walked right out. also it could use more weapons and stuff to upgrade especially since it quite early on started that everything else was useless. besides that very very good game. haven't found anything else wrong and loved playing it.

ps. great game and thanks for making such a good game

another game who have armor games advertiser...
now game:add information that in first level you need to attack objects not to wait for zombies(almost gave 1 start because no zombies appeared after 2 mins) alot upgrades i like that and whole game is just kill zombies for upgrades

this was such a fun game. i really like how you have to aspects of fighting, both range(that will miss when enemy is to close) and close range. the stomp idea was great BUT i found it to be a little! over powered. by this i mean i was leaving one zombie around and going for all the box's and everything else until they stopped spawning but its a GREAT way to get away from being swarmed and killed. i loved the upgrading ideas but i was hoping for a little more imagination from the better weapons that you get at the end.

all and all great game