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Reviews for "Zombie at the Gates"

Not bad, not bad at all

desparately needs a jump, gets a little too hard to dodge zombies at certain point. When zombies have more hp, can hit from further than you in close combat, and severely out number you you need at least one leg up. In this game you don't seem to have any to speak of

Great game, Needs a jump lol.

this was such a fun game. i really like how you have to aspects of fighting, both range(that will miss when enemy is to close) and close range. the stomp idea was great BUT i found it to be a little! over powered. by this i mean i was leaving one zombie around and going for all the box's and everything else until they stopped spawning but its a GREAT way to get away from being swarmed and killed. i loved the upgrading ideas but i was hoping for a little more imagination from the better weapons that you get at the end.

all and all great game

Fun graphics and design, but it was a very thin and repetitive game. Movement speed was frustratingly slow, and it was really easy to get screwed if you were attack by zombies in two different directions. It especially didn't help that the bow had a large minimum range - because of this, I found it pretty common that I'd have to trade a hit to get one in melee. Once again, well done graphics, but a poorly made game.