Reviews for "Ragdoll Achievement"

Wow overall I really enjoy it messing around with everything and seeing the damage ensue mwahaha. Nice game keep it up B)

I destroyed it with a record of 8174!
I totally loved it, but it needs something... anything that could add more of an UMPF!
Reason being I loved it, DESTROYING THE DANG RAGDOLL!!!

Quite a controversial game to some anti-violence peeps, but this is all fictional so it should be fine to savour it a little, right?

The art didn't impress me, but at least its simplicity and cleanliness reduces chances of the game lagging while you run the experiments on the ragdoll.

There are a few background music, which I think sounds a bit too cheery for such a violent game (oh the irony in visual and auditory stimulation). The sounds are alright, really - there are sound effects, rest assured, so you'll get your bit of BOOM! BOING~ SNIPSNIPSNIP in all due time - I just find the building of your simulation's BGM a little annoying with that low "budum. budum. budum" beat, but that's only because it sounded like my old washing machine, and I hated that uncooperative fiend.

I am heartbroken, frankly not really but I was disappointed when I saw no medal lying around for me to collect when the title clearly states "Achievements". Is this for another site where Achievements is allowed? I'll never know.

Art: 3.5 stars (quite bland)
Sound: 3.5 stars (also quite bland)
Controls: 5 stars
Gameplay: 4 stars
Overall: 4 stars

Very fun <3 and the achievements are on the side~

Fun game but you would think a game called "ragdoll achievement" would have medals.