Reviews for "Ragdoll Achievement"

This was a pretty fun game. I gotta admit it. But I wish there was some sort of restart button so we can restart the game all over again and unlock achievements again.
I spent an hour playing this and it was a bag of fun. I'd recommend it to a friend.

I had a whole bag full of fun playing this game. Though, I would warn people when using the Axes to be careful. My rag doll managed to get stuck inbetween the middle of the blades, and it caused my game to crash.
Other than that, I really haven't found any other 'bugs' persay, other than the achievment one of him glitching through the screen.
It was really fun though, I'd recomend it to anybody like likes getting achievments!

Agrees with Fire312

Fine game but gets old fast.

Great way to waste time!