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Reviews for "Aqua HD"

So much win! First time I watched this I kept smiling stupidly, today it almost made me cry ;_; Like someone posted before it's a nice analogy with life itself: sometimes you're fucked yet you have to deal with it and keep going on, cling to whatever crosses your path (be it drugs, faith, family, art... depends on people). You'll make friends during your journey, they'll be your savior: once they're done helping you by showing the way, it's time to get up on your own feet even if you're back to square one. The worst part is over? an even bigger pile of shit is on its way, brace yourselves WINTER IS COMING!

In any case I really loved this work, the music fits perfectly and cats are so cute! Keep it up!

Absolutely Glorious.

One of the best things I've watched on Newgrounds... so perfect!

NICE!! I loved it!

Seen it before, I guess this is the same thing in HD.