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Reviews for "Aqua HD"

So, animation style. Yours is completely different, and that is why I love it. Also love the loop ending. :D

Very nice and artistic film. I didn't really understand the end...

your animation style is amazing. simple yet intricate. rough but refined. All around good story and animation and the music went well with it all

i loved this. the animation was gorgeous. the music was too, it really went well with the film.

I really liked the artwork, it was a great piece of animation. I only have 2 critiques. My attention was in the piece for the first 5 minutes, then at the 5 minute mark I was snapped out of it with the question of "Where is this going?". Second, at the end of the piece I'm left with the thought of "That was nice, but what was it about? What was the message?". You list in your comments that it is about overcoming fear, but the last few minutes don't leave me with a sense of that being the moral of the story.