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Reviews for "Dinosaur Animation"

Dinosaurs are one of those magical ingredients that can make anything awesome :D

The art style was very nice to look at and the voice work was excellent.

There was a couple of tweaks to some bits that could have added more to the animation (Maybe adding flames to the dinosaurs where they were in contact with the lava and making the cape more swooshy)

But It'd be a bit rubbish of me to be nit picky because at the end of the day I was entertained for 6 minutes,

(I liked the "BC" gag at the end)

Awesome job dude, I look forward to seeing your next animation.

Absolutely adorable animation here. I liked the liberties you took with the dinosaurs, like adding plates to Rex's back. I always loved the way plates looked on different dinosaurs, I would often add them to dinosaurs I knew didn't have them.
The ending just seemed a little too violent compared to the rest of the animation, I'm sure that was probably the joke, but the Terminator 2 style ending just seemed a little heavy in comparison to the rest of the humor.
Also, was Paul supposed to be a Plateosaurus or some other kind of prosauropod, or was he just some fanciful creation? Either way, he was way too cute.

Steinberg responds:

Hahah, for me, cartoon tyrannosaurus NEEDS plates, that's how I draw them since I was a kid, not sure why, I guess that's just a generic drawing habit.
Funny thing is that I kept forgetting to draw them when I started a new scene.
I felt a little weird about adding human like eyebrows on Rex, but I'm not very good with facial expression so they helped a little.
Paul is just my creation, I don't really know what he is, probably a mix of all the generic dinosaur drawings I saw through my life. He can't be a Plateosaurus though, because then he would be too big to climb over Rex's head.
About the ending, well, I tend not to do swearing and do a clean humor over all, but then I always end up making things violent, bad habit I guess. The animation also built up a lot over my original idea, I guess I lost control, haha.
Well, thanks for reviewing and liking!


Steinberg responds:


LOL this was fun! I liked how you started off with I believe I can fly, and then the last lines were Oh god why can't I fly? You really built up the characters nicely, and just because it isnt fast past doesnt mean its not intresting. your story was built up and emotions were well received. Good work on the smooth action transitions, and the coloring and layout always strong and affective. I pertecularly enjoyed the shots of water, valcanoes, and the far zoom shot reveiling the enviornment around them when the dinosaur shouted. Great work here, the simplicity of the art and characters makes it forever classic!

Steinberg responds:

Haha, actually the ending with "I believe I can fly" was shock-dingo's idea.
About the pacing, I usually drag things too much, I wasn't expecting it to get this long, but I guess it worked well in the end.
The last scene and the shouting are my favorite parts too! And I'm glad you liked my color scheme, I wasn't very fond of all the green in the first scene, but it was the best I could do.
Thanks for your insightful review!

i love it. i dont care if you played with my emotions. it is great.

Steinberg responds:

Hahaha, I know, it's like a rollercoaster!!!