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Reviews for "Dinosaur Animation"

There were some things I liked and some things I didn't. I didn't feel to strongly about this cartoon negatively or positively, I think it was just okay.

For one thing, the visuals. Overall they are well-done, simplistic and clean. Very basic, but I see that is the style you are going for. It looks good in itself. I kinda like the color scheme, everything's in sort of a duller shade. As far as animation and coloring goes, it looks like you understand what you're doing.

Script is good, I like the screenplay and dialogue you have here, but a lot of the time I kinda found it tedious and slow-moving. Also, the actual concept and plot I didn't particularly like, I mean he's annoying the other dinosaur, but nothing really adds up to anything, he gets annoyed, and then they both just sorta die... I dunno, didn't do it for me. But I like how it has a decent running-time, it's not overly short, or TOO long. Though I kinda thought it was just a little tedious is all.

Voice acting is great, I loved it. Especially the t-rex.

Overall, it looks like you know what you're doing when it comes to making a cartoon, with the script, getting good-quality audio, and being able to handle the style of art and animation you are attempting to accomplish, though that quality may be a little sub-par, to me, anyway. It wasn't my favorite but I in no way hated it. I'd like to see more from you, I'll just leave it at that, pretty nice job.

"Muah!" made me spit out my drink from my nose!

that was really dull and lame untill the end gota work on timing if you think its gana be funny. the animation was nice tho reminded me of home movies with the squigaly lines and shit. audio was good to. but really work on how you write a funny story cut it really dident make sceem funny. unless that wasent supposed to be funny. every one loves R Kelly.

Really cute animation, there are a few thing I don't like like for example the script is sometime really dynamic but the animation look kinda slow and I don't like all the artistic choices like the facial expression. But yeah, just little problem, the animation itself is really cute and kinda funny so yeah well done, can't wait to see your new cartoon.

Now we know why theT-rex became a carnivore. o.o