Reviews for "Alien Hominid"


This is the best flash game I have played since Madness Interactive. The graphics are cool the sound is good and the action is frantic.


This is an awesome game! It took me more than four hours to beat, it's that hard. I did some things that helped me beat it, so I thought I might share a few of 'em:

1) Duck as much as possible. Most enemies fire above you when your ducking, and when they duck and fire, they're slow enough that you can fire at them before they fire at you. You should, however, be ready to jump when you find a situation that is un-duck-able.

2) Hand-to-hand combat is also a good tactic. When up close, most enemies only fire at a distance, so chopping 'em up is another good tip.

Hope that helps!

This game owens!

plays like metal slug.

A classic favorite.

I truly love this game. Any news on a sequel?

challenging but fun