Reviews for "Alien Hominid"

Best game on newground!

I love this game.
vote for it everyother day just to raise it's ranking.
Hope to see the next chapter comming out soon.

good game

very good game, reminders me of nintendo where you could'nt save on some games and if you lost all your life yoy would have to start all over again,I hope they make a Alien Hominid2 or somthing


This is one of (if not THE) the best side-scrollers I have ever played. Nice and addictive like all video games should be. Work on the graphics a little... Other than that... W00t!

I own it for gamecube, a true classic

This gfame is truely an awesome acheivement, i bought it for gamecube and play it all the time, includes many challenging levels with great sound and smooth graphics, i would reccomend this game to anybody who like bloody violence and sidescrolling shooting games


this is the best alien game i played