Reviews for "TeddysExcellentAdventure"

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! I loved the animation syle and the storyline, the only suggestion i have is the slight bugs when trying to rid the forest of the evil spider lol. Other than this the game was quite endearing and I had a smile of pure enjoyment on my face while i was playing it. I only wish it were longer. :'(

please make a sequel

Now that was a really good game.
The background music fit every scene perfectly.

+1.25- The art. The art was so amazing in this simple platformer. Actions like running near a collection of butterflies and having them move or seeing the "Kirby's epic yarn" design that these levels had were amazing to say the least. The design of the teddy bear was simplistic and yet one of a kind.

+1.25- The music. I don't know where you got the music but it sounds amazing. I seriously am surprised at how beautifully composed it is with this orchestra. Great little piece in the running from the bees level.

+1.25- The gameplay- had a really cool grasp on a bit of sub-genres you'd see with platformers (running away from bees, the little owl level). Really good idea with the "click to interact" feature. One thing I might add is that this was very easy to beat (app. 5-10 minutes for me). However, since this is an E game, it's audience should include those who are a bit inexperienced in gaming, whether it be online or elsewhere.

+1.25- The story. What else could I say other than it's very simple. It was kind of touching, because I could relate with losing and then finding a priceless stuffed animal. It shows the power of a pure love for a stuffed animal or toy.

All in all, this is a fun game that should be played by both kids and adults. The art is beautiful, the music soothing, the gameplay simple, and the story touching.

excellent adventure :D