Reviews for "Planet 161"

not bad, reminds me of the old Duke Nukem and Commander Keen games for MS Dos

Well done for the time taken

Short, but sweet - exactly as a Ludum Dare game should be!
The graphics were well done, and rather charming. The sound was basic, but functional and pleasing nonetheless. I thought the core mechanics were very entertaining and well implemented. Perhaps more could've been done with them, but in a game this size there was definitely enough substance to the content.
I'd be very keen to see this in an extended form - Planet 162, perhaps?
tl;dr - A Ludum Dare title at its finest. Great work!

Very nice game a litle bit short but ok graphic is nice 2

not bad for a 48 hour game... atleast you've cleared out most of the glitching problems that alot of people would miss...