Reviews for "Return"

the music to me portrays the fact that inner struggle isnt always a soft and quiet grievance, but a painful unheard scream. gg wp

Phonometrologist responds:

You got that right , mate!

Wow.....just. Wow. It's incredibly evocative. From start to finish I could feel it pulling on my heartstrings and hitting me in all the feels. As usual, your piano writing is great, and that cello is singing so beautifully alongside it. Really excellent piece!

Phonometrologist responds:

Thank you Damien-- I was hoping for that

You've achieved something with this that's incredible to me, and I don't know if it's the description influencing my feelings about the piece or not, but - the sweetness at the climax reminds me so powerfully of that feeling of finding something beautiful in the thick of despair. The tension at that point is so perfectly evocative of the beginning of healing and a strengthening of the soul that this goes straight into my 'modern masterpiece' category. <3

Phonometrologist responds:

You make me ponder on these words that you presented to me…
Although I’m not clear on what part the “climax” is, even for myself, I do understand your message. I would say, that is very accurate for myself at least.
I see this piece in two parts:
From the beginning to 3:30, the piece is in a flurry of chords. It starts out in E minor and transposes a half step up as it progresses. The symbolism of the moving parts is that of the many emotions and thoughts one may encounter through “despair.” There are just too many emotions that come to mind as one can’t possibly focus on a single thought. After that and through to the end, the piece sways back and forth just upon two chords.
It is a lullaby—originally meant for another to be put to sleep, but now for the one that grieves. Finding the beauty in the thick of despair, as you put it, reminds me of how often we do this when it comes to the world around us. Beauty in itself cannot be defined without the fleetingness of the subject we wish to prescribe the word to. Sometimes it is because of beauty we despair as it is so engraved in us that nothing in this world lasts forever. I just see the words “beauty” and “sorrow” as inseparable. Thank you for listening.

Wow. Beautiful, reminds me of the cinematic orchestra.

Phonometrologist responds:

Thanks mate! I appreciate it

LucidShadowDreamer has been slowly introducing me to your work, and I find myself thoroughly grateful for this. If there ever was a piece that required the entirety of the soul to comprehend; The immensity of human suffering to grasp; The sweet sorrowful lament of a grief stricken deity to epitomize; It's this one. It recalls a faint image of the past, perhaps one too painful to fully remember, but one that brands your heart all the same. The sweeping melody and weeping strings describe without words the unfathomable depths of loss, in which beauty is inextricably entangled for all of time. One fails to supply words sufficient enough to do this piece justice, for there are no words that can seed such a wellspring of emotion as this does...

Thank you.

Phonometrologist responds:

I must apologize for not replying sooner. I don't take these for granted, especially when it's as poetic as this. I find myself reading this over from time to time in admiring the smooth alliteration in the message/ image you have put forth by your interpretation. And I'd have to agree with what you've said that where emotions fail to put into words, music may then suffice in bridging that gap.
>>It recalls a faint image of the past, perhaps one too painful to fully remember
I find that statement to stand out for me from the rest. It reminds me of what music does for me and that is to strike up a feeling... of what I have once forgotten.