Reviews for "Miss Kitty Sees You"

Very good. Is there a video with just the singing?

That was just terrific, I loved the art style and Miss Kitty was simply divine and what a voice, what recording program did you use for the voice so you dont hear that fuzzy background like in most voice recordings?

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

I record and edit it in Adobe Sound Booth, and it does help to have a nice mic.

Only one thing can be said. Are you single?

A divine voice only to be complimented by good animating skills. This deserves at least a 3.5.
+1 star for anthro. :3

Wow, nice voice. And this is the kind of art style I like, too. The animation moves with the voice very well. I'd have to say, for a test, this is awfully professional.

Miss Kitty might be a fox, but when she hits that high note, I immediately think of a wolf howling to the moon.

I look forward to seeing you other videos, past and future.