Reviews for "Miss Kitty Sees You"

4/5 8/10. This was beautiful. And the plot was self evident. Don't open your descriptions by self deprecating like that. You are a wonderful animator, and a fantastic artist. The premise of this whole video was very beautiful, and deserves the good rating you got.

I cannot criticize the art, or the animation, as it was done wonderfully, and sucked me right in. However a note to the songstress. She needs to use her diaphragm more, and hit those notes with more confidence, you are a good singer, use your voice baby. Its clear you have a harder time with the lower ranges, so sing in a slightly higher range. The higher notes were beautiful, but like I said, have for confidence when you belt them.

You have a beautiful voice, this was beautifully animated, and I'm a furry, that's the first time I actually said that.

not bad at all, but its a pretty musical moment that kind of goes nowhere. the animations nice, the song is a bit touching, but why was she a fox? why was she singing? who was she singing it to? all very big questions that i thought when watching this. i like the animation, but theres not too much behind it to hold it up.

it is nice visually though

good song and animation!
great job!