Reviews for "a Skyrim Story"

Hilarious, even though most of the jokes have been done before, having them coupled with your interesting animation style was refreshing and funny. That said there are some discrepancies in your animation like the dragonborn's arm when he's climbing the mountain (for example). All in all I'm glad to have watched another skyrim parody as the elder scrolls games tend to have an underlying blanket of humor I can snuggle under.

Seriously? The tutorial part is supposed to be like that. It makes it funnier.

Screw all of your complaints that was an amazing flash! Make moar :O

It was good, but only after the tutorial part, which was poorly drawn and made no sense.
Other than that though it was pretty good.

I'm glad I watched the whole thing, as it got better after the "Tutorial Level" bit. Don't worry about being "late to the [Skyrim parody] party." There are people still making Pokemon parodies---now THOSE have been done to death.


The parody was very well done, because you represents the way Skyrim is. :) The "Tutorial level" was like that, I must admit it. xD

Could have been better, so that's why I give you 4 stars. :)

~ NicoSW.