Reviews for "a Skyrim Story"

Fantastic. Rather than ANOTHER skyrim parody, you created the first SKYRIM PARODY PARODY.

And it was BRILLIANT.

I have never seen skyrim before so I looked at some of your other reviews to see what those who had said about it and most seem to think you did a good job. Now as a viewer who has never played the game before there was some pretty funny parts and some slow parts. I liked the part where he is getting mauled by the wolves after having defeated the dragon. You would think that after a DRAGON wolves would be a walk in the park, but apparently not. But to be fair he did kill the dragon in a sneak attack while it was burning the other person into a crisp. And the voice thing wasn't really anoying, I thought you wanted it to sound that way since it is a Parody. It just reminded me of the stuffed animal in that old show called Unhappily Ever After that the dad was always talking to.

Pretty decent, yeah it's a bit late since everyone did make these forever ago. But this one is at the top of them for funniest and most well put together. Good work on it.

Lol runs across table!

Its a shame people are saying that your voice sucks. Because I could understand everything you said.
People, learn to listen.
I want to see more.