Reviews for "Viking Quest"

beat it in less 5 minutes. Need more challenge than that. But good start anyway.

Slider puzzles are hard but i was able to beat it in 2 hours.
Can somebody plz tell me what happened in the end? i didn't understand it at all.
somebody plz help me understand the ending. author?


Now that that's outta the way. Game was okay. Wish that there was descriptions of the items you pick up (still don't know what that stick thing was, and I thought the sheet was a treasure map). Wasn't fond of the whole "give these random items to random dudes" aspect. I like puzzle solving, not guessing. Also, what's the ending about? I guess she got a pet dragon and... found a... portal? A story ender would be nice!

On the good side, graphics were nice, the puzzles that didn't involve gift-giving were good, and the beginning story line was cute! I didn't have any issues with lag.

I feel that just a little bit more tweaking would make this game awesome!

the "hm-hmm" part the girl does really slows down the time for me

Point and Click Game. And love the protagonst. A female one.

It was short, but enjoyable. The animation is pretty great, and it keeps the mind going on what to do. I especially love the character's smile.