Reviews for "Viking Quest"

First of all: I created an account just to explain to you how bad this game is. The controls are beyond bad, the response from the actions are even worse. There is no real motivation behind anything you have to do in order to proceed in the game, which makes the puzzles that much more awkward. And the fact that the very last puzzle isn't even remotely attached to reality, kind of makes me want to gauge my eyes out with a rusty fork. A total waste of time in my opinion; not even the graphics, that I initially thought would save this shipwreck, was at all exciting. On top of all, really annoying sounds whenever you need to spam items, due to the poorly designed controls.

I'd gladly play a game that someone actually put some thought into...

It`s fun! For a simple game, it is fun to play! Though the number puzzle might take a while to figure out though.....

I went in this thinking it would be good. and it was for a small part i got close to the very end and there was a number puzzel. it took me an hour to get past the stupid puzzle and if i played it again i would not be able to do it again. other then that it was pretty good. the controls need a bit of work but thats it.

I didn't even finish simply because the game was so frustrating to play. Horrible controls, no sense of direction and no clue as to what the hell does what. Took me ages to figure out that you had to drag things onto people to get them to work. Not because I'm an idiot, but because someone decided it'd be brilliant to have a shrugging animation that locks your control out when you don't do things right.

I mean seriously, locking my controls out with a crappy shrug in a point and click game?! That annoyed me to no end. And the silly little shield and axe thing everytime you change screens also annoyed me simply because I'd have preferred to move quickly between screens.

On the plus side? The graphics are kind of nice I guess.

Stick to making pretty art, because games design is not for you.

Good idea, nice drawings, but the gameplay really sucks.
Sorry but that's it.