Reviews for "Ragnarok Eternal"

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I finish it :-)

Need the second one badly now, arg !
Geat job, even if jumps are not always perfect, it goes better with he second jumb bonus. than kyou for your work !

Its awesome,yet at the part where I meet the girl who complains about her armor being to heavy,I keep going in circles and stuff after her,I tried upper part,same thing,I already went to the hell place and met a demon girl who i pwned,Got the wing item,met some other girl and got a ghost sword,teleported outta there,then kept going in circles all over again,WHAT DO I DO PLEAS respond - -"If u do I wil be very thankful ;3

great game one problem weres the fucking mute button

You never cease to amaze me :D
I'm still slowly working on my game x_x

good game GG