Reviews for "Ragnarok Eternal"

LOL I Agree To Al That The Dark Lady Said
I Have Gameover hahahahaha Its Fun Nice Game

Disregard the flaws, i love it!
i registered just to comment here, do make the 2nd part soon :D
also dude i gotta know the background music you used on the two areas, thanks~

Great game overall.
Me and my brother both played through this game and I'll say how we ended.

I started with 1 extra Vit and Int. First skills were Bash and Bladebeam. I got through the first few areas with some difficulty due to my low speed. After the first boss, I had improved Bash. This made things a lot easier. I ended with nearly all skills, level 10 and 1 str, 1 dex, 2 agi, 3 vit, 3 int. ('ended' as in 'defeated the improved bosses') I mainly used the steel sword, but switched to the fire sword when needed.

My brother started with 1 extra Str and Agi. His first skill was Evasion. After some screens of difficulty, he got Ku Ha Dan. The knockback effect made him breeze through the rest of the game up untill the third normal boss. He then had to train a little due to being outnumbered. He ended with a reasonable amount of skills (having less than me due to no extra points in Int) and 3 str, 3 dex, 2 agi, 1 vit, 1 int. His favorite weapon was the polearm, even though his kick was his most potent attack.

No matter how you start, you will eventually become just as powerful as any other character.

Ku Ha Dan may very well be the most effective attack in the game. I recommend taking it if you start off with 2 Agi.
Bash is incredibly powerful, but needs to charge. If you have the necessary speed or vitality, it's a quite good pick. By the way, it can be activated in mid-air.
Int is not really necessary for any survivability, but grants different dialogues and more skills.
A really obvious and effective combo is Rising Blade and Dropping Slam. It's hard to get both on the same target, though.

ShadowWhoWalks responds:

It's hard to balance encounters when you have a skill tree, so I really appreciate the info.

Best game on ng!! by far, cant wait till the next one!!!

Great game , i hope you will continue work on part two an let us bring over our already stacked charecters.
Best of luck, to you and everyone else out there doing the same thing.