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Reviews for "KONY2012"

God, this was one of the best parody movies on NG, I laughed my ass off like crazy.
Good work, keep it up.

Please don't make fun of something serious. We have had kids from Invisible Children die beacuse of Kony. Americans, people. They were from your country, who were just like you. If you think is a joke then I agree with Kukluxsux, you are a cruel person.

this was very messed up to be honest. How can you be so cruel.

Wow, very racist, stupid, and mislead- oh wait it isn't the original, just a response to it. Nevermind!

I seriously don't understand why this video got so many good reviews. It speaks the truth somewhat, but anyone who knows how to go on wikipedia would know that. This video isn't funny at all. It's highly annoying. I mean... I like vulgarity, but not when it's retarded like this. How on Earth could you consider this a masterpiece? Are you retarded? It's absolute crap.