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Reviews for "KONY2012"

the sickest shit is making money on genocide. Human beings are sick fucks and kony 2012 is the last drop WTF!!!!!

Kony is just scam and war propaganda, I just guess the government wants to squeeze money out of us. But yeah its not a big deal, youre only like supporting a group with money that goes to crack-smoking nudist and with that I mean you Russell

psychicpebbles, please, make that package of stupid shit. I would absolutely pay five dollars for the action package in this video. I'd buy three. I want that lousy shit poster, and the Kony vibrator, if only to have it. I'm not kidding. I would give you my money.

I didn't see the video, I have heard of it but it's not the most viewed Viral Video in my country. Anyway if it's really like this fucking god they all are fucking stupid.

The video look also kinda dumb, I mean "the good guy" and "the bad guy", fucking god! Now all the stupid peoples would buy stupid goodies because they have seen a cute children saying "cute ^^" things and will totally forget about it. BECAUSE WHITE GUYS ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO COULD SAVE THE POOR LITTLES NIGAH.

This parody was pretty simple but effective, in fact I have wached it twice after I've seen it. Good work!

Great video, finally someone had to made one to set things straight