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Reviews for "KONY2012"

i...at first...bought into this shit...b 4 i devoted money to it i looked it up and found it was all a crak of bs
....lol money 2012

Kony.....=.... Lando Calrissian


Kewdos to memes...

I have to say that this is incredibly accurate and yet people still blindly donated to their bullshit scam instead of doing a few minutes research to find out he hasn't done anything in years and been on the run instead so he won't be bothered and keep being pinned as a scapegoat for all that happens there with some fictional army he doesn't have now. Highly accurate representation of what that scam group did and is still trying to do.

The animation here is completely solid and hilarious how it shows Kony in the image at first then just shows a stick figure instead of the image flipped upside down. Loved how the kid did not care what his father was saying either and just went on to ask if he was a bad guy from Star Wars, hilarious. Although his father seems to be possibly correct all the way in saying he probably is starving and beaten too all because he's a scapegoat for whatever is happening there.

The story was nice since it starts with a father talking to his son about what is possibly happening with Kony at the present time and then goes to an Invisible Children parody scam where the viewer should instead of helping out the Ugandans suggest buying their box of useless and worthless crap. Then shows what the Invisible Children probably are doing which is laughing their asses off at how gullible people are to buy their useless propaganda. Hilariously well done parody and humor piece.

The voice acting was well done too with the father and song, then the narration voice, the fat guy, and lastly that Invisible Children guy. I hear Egorapter and Oney which is pretty good anyways. Clicking sound was pretty funny since he was yelling and clicking normally then just spam clicking the buy button incredibly fast.

Overall, well done parody of a crappy group trying to make money off someone who isn't doing anything. Hilariously well done.

Looks like our paycheck wasn't very invisible!
It's a good thing I decided not to buy from this guy.

was that Egoraptor's voice?