Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals3"


All 3 of these have been my favourite Pokemon videos every made!
I absolutely love Miaowth's remake especially hilarious!


soo awful its watchable, how did you manage that?? XD

The beggining was kind of weak, but then it got almost perfect again.
Why almost?
If I can share with you some of my thoughts - I think giving this series to long and 'witty' jokes will ruin it. The simplier, the better. This show rocks thanks to its simplicity and short silly gags, so please don't complicate it too much (it seemed to me you were trying to do this this episode - giving long phrases to James or making that long joke with Brock's face) and don't try to make it too sage. Stay silly, chaotic, short and concrete and you will rock the newgrounds!

Hah, great video, James especially was a boss. However, only 4 1/2 because of steve the accountant, HOW CAN YOU LEAVE STEVE OUT SO MUCH? YOUR TOP ANIMAL DESERVES SOME RESPECT!

Should have a weekly video!