Reviews for "Pokemon But With Animals3"

haha keep making new episodes =D

This most hilarious and fucked up episode of this insane series I've seen yet.
I can only assume how fucked up the next episode will be.
Say, will there be another episode?

You can't animate well? What are you talking about, man!
This has to be one of the best series ever on NG.
I laughed so hard at this just like every other episode.
Keep making more of these, with the same kind of disturbing content and voice acting.

Dont you change a goddamn thing, its the most epic series on newgrounds, continue with the plot writting, cuz seriously i didnt expect anythin, the song of team rocket was awesome :D, In conclusion
dont listen to the negative comments on here or youtube, and just do your stuff.

Just as awesome as ever! The animations are definitely getting better, although the older models, compared the newer ones, do look a little weird (Ash to Misty, specifically). And yeah, if I was Ash, I'd wanna take a talking pokemon too.

Keep up these, they're awesome!