Reviews for "Dragon Age Journeys"

Great game so far... but I have found an annoying glitch at the very beginning of the game.

If you are dual wielding and place another weapon in your hands:
-If it is a single handed weapon, the weapon that should be automatically moved to your inventory disappears.
-If it is a dual handed weapon, one of the two weapons meant to go back into your inventory disappears.

Other than that... So far so good :3

Played this back when it first came out and I absolutely loved it, I really wish they'd stuck with this turn based as opposed to that Pokemon/FF style they did for the more recent Facebook game. It's got a solid pace, good dialogue and best of all, they don't try and get you to pay up by making you wait hours between fights.

I really wish(and still silently hope) that this would've gotten more support when it launched because it really does have a fantastic formula to it.

Definitely a must play, it sets up the entire dwarf origins from Dragon Age:Origins(although I know the game is like 4 years old now, but if you really want to get the full picture(and some free items along the way) this game really was the best at doing that.