Reviews for "Dragon Age Journeys"

This is a very common combat mode like AQW or Crystal Saga

An amazing game but i didn't get to finish it:( Im really suprised about the game performance and in graphics. The combat mode was not as i thought it would be, but it's really great to see a game of my game series. But i would add a little more story in the beggning for the Dalish elfs because i really didnt understand how you would end up in the cave going to the dwarfs city. But amazing performance, it's a 5 to me

i love it! my favorite part is at the beginning where it doesn't let you do anything, i might as well be staring at an image. you should look into it, that and the screen resolution is off.


This game was pretty good in terms of gameplay and story. The characters and storyplot seems to work out differently for every different path you take, whether your a dwarf noble or a a king's son, even if that only is applicable in the first couple minutes. The gameplay was also very interesting, since its like a chessboard and you have to play your pieces right and strategically. The only problems I have with the game are like what baronheron said, my cursor also messes up at the point when you are supposed to warn the king and then you cant really do anything about it. Also, I feel like you should have listed the passive bonuses for the races at the beginning since I had to pick each one to find out the best choice for what skill build I was going. Anyways, pretty great game and it has alot of potential, Im just pretty disappointed I wasnt able to go farther with the game, especially after I started to get the hang of the mechanics.